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Do you have a home improvement or repair job around your home, office or commercial premises? Perhaps a new kitchen, your bathroom re-tiled, loft conversion or simply need a wall painted.

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Repair Water Damage to Ceiling

“All the plastering and painting works was carried out to the highest standards, on budget and within the agreed time frame. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this company for any type of decorating work.”

Michael from Hammersmith

Flat Renovation Works

“We asked them to do several aspects of work on our one bedroom flat. This included completely new bathroom including plumbing, plastering, tiling and suite, preparation of surfaces, painting and carpentry jobs. They werealways focussed on the job and.....”

Ed, Shepherds Bush, London

Painting & Roofing Works

“Dear Alfred, Now that the work at 127 is complete I wished to say how very pleased I am with you, your team and the very high standard of the work. I am also very pleased that your project management and the mobilisation of the right resources and sk.....”

Tom from Mortlake, London

About us

UKTradeStreet, established in 2007, brings together recommended and approved builders and building contractors to both the house holder and also commercial users.  We make available the reviews of customers on Jobs, so that others can find skilled Tradesmen in Carpentry, Loft Conversions, Roofing and Refurbishment.  Some of the areas we cover include London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Aberdeen.  So, if you need an Electrician, Plumber or to get some Plastering works done, or even just to get a Decorator in because you're too busy, then post your Job on UKTradeStreet.

The UK Trade Street team

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"I have just got my 1st offer of work through UK TradeStreet, thankyou for making this possible, by arranging my credits through paypal/visa electron. I have been impressed with your site so far, please keep it up. Wishing you the very best for the future."Andrew Webster

"I just wanted to say that this is a fantastic concept. I have spent most of my career selling advertising and I wished a product like this was available then. It think it is a fabulous way to boost the construction industry and must be a massive boom for sole traders. It is very simple to use and I love the fact that it is just good for everyone involved." Zandy Houghton

"The site is great, just done my first job off it." Andy King

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